Machinist/ Mailer for the Star Tribune since June of 1985 as a hand stuffer part time.
In June of 1999 I became a mailer and full time,
Shortly after becoming a mailer I started my apprenticeship as a machinest
.Around November 2010  I was laid off to part time.
May 1, 2012 I was offered and took a full time position.
As well as campaigning for commissioner in 2012
Years you have lived in the County i have been a resident of Hennepin county for my whole life: 50 years
I have lived in the Jordan neighborhood of North Minneapolis for the last 26 years. I lived in my current home since 1986

Community/civic organizations involvement

I have volunteered  with www.loavesandfishesmn.org at the River of Life Church for the last 5 years.
Setting up , cleaning tables, making food and serving,

General volunteering miscellaneous repairs for various people and organizations

Regularly attending 4PAC (Fourth precinct advisory council Minneapolis )

member and board member Jordan New Life Community Church

member and board member Jordan Area Community

Military service :

Branch U.S. Army
years of service: eight year contract
Active duty experience: radio telecommunications
Army reserve: administrative clerk typist
Active inactive reserve: administrative clerk typist, driver and other trivia jobs
Highest rank: specialist
Discharge: honorable

In the military I worked as a team chief or section chief, as an E-4 was asked to be
(and started training for) sexual harassment N.C.O.((Non commissioned officer E-5 or above)
about three months before my transfer to Germany) .
I was asked multiple times by the battalion commander to take O.C.S.(Officers candidate schooling)
at the time the military was a job and I wasn't ready for lifetime Career.

I Have you run for  office in the past
In 2008 I ran for the House of Representatives in District 58B.
--more votes than I could find for non DFl.  Or non Republican   in the last few elections
Minneapolis City Council Ward 5 2009    --not in last place  with under 3,000 voters voted (2,7xx)
Hennepin County board district 2 in 2010  ---about 16% in primary (
4 years ago)

an in the  Hennepin County board district 2  2012

I want to thank  you for the  time to look at this

Most important issue

Quality of life in Minnesota

Having living wage Jobs, having employer's  that are capable and willing to provide living wage jobs.  

Quality affordable preventative Health Care,with ease of access.

Public Transportation with ease of use (Bus, bike route, county highways and Street)

Planned for future expansion prior to need with the plan rechecked
to see if still fit's and have the infrastructure for the future needs
as some plans take years or decade's

Our youth deserve and
require the best education,
summer job's to be ready for great employment and recreation
(to have fun socialize and stay out of trouble)  so they can be our representatives for the future

Social services which focuses on Family unity, quality of life, protective services
(To have the most effort to keep the family's together)  

Quality and quantity of water table and lake water.

Finding ways to increases Funds and reduces property tax.

Affordable housing ,quality parks ,Carefully look at how affective our community outreach programs are working
(in the best interests of the people) and try to direct money and/or guidance to improve and too achieve a cost effective,
morally correct, and effective to the needs of the community .

We, the people, need certain services provided in a sensible, humane way,
and local leadership to spend our finite tax moneys with wisdom and compassion
Find ways to make our utility bills less like net zero buildings homes using things like solar,hydro elc,
wind and  the high winds that are in the down town area as well
Geothermal,Hydrogen, Methane,Profuseness,cold fusion(when invented)